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Holi 2024: Josh Creator Pragati Shukla Shares Skincare & Styling Tips for the Festival of Colors

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It’s worth mentioning that Pragati, originally from Gwalior, holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics and has long harbored a passion for the creative realm. Despite her role as a Makeup Artist for Lakme, she embarked on her content creation journey in 2021. Her debut on Josh swiftly garnered her an audience and paved the way for brand collaborations, sponsored events, and various other opportunities, all facilitated by Josh. Pragati Shukla, a creator on Josh, now shares intriguing style and skincare tips for Holi.

  1. Shield your hair from Holi colors by oiling it beforehand. Wearing a bandana can also add style while protecting your locks.
  2. Give your old T-shirt a quirky twist by tying a knot in the corner.
  3. Opt for a kurta paired with denim or elevate a basic kurta set with a vibrant dupatta to make a statement.

Pragati also provided crucial skincare tips for Holi, including:

  1. It’s wise to anticipate Holi colors even if you don’t plan to participate; let’s face it, we all end up getting splashed with colors anyway, so it’s better to be prepared.
  2. Apply a layer of oil followed by a thick moisturizer for dual protection against colors and oily residue.
  3. Opt for waterproof or eye makeup to maintain your usual look.
  4. For a chic touch, apply dark nail polish to shield your nails from harsh colors.
  5. A reliable tip is to remove colors with a mixture of malai (cream) and besan (gram flour) from the kitchen.

Explore Pragati’s account for additional beauty hacks like these:

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