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Dr. C. P. Joshi: Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly turns 73 today

Dr. C. P. Joshi is a prominent Indian politician hailing from the state of Rajasthan. His journey in politics has been marked by notable achievements, and he has made significant contributions to both state and national politics. Apart from his political pursuits, Dr. Joshi has also delved into the realm of cricket administration, showcasing his versatility as a leader.

Educational Background and Early Career:

Born on 29th July 1950 in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, Dr. C. P. Joshi hails from a Brahmin family. He completed his primary and higher secondary education in Nathdwara before pursuing his B.A. in Law from the University College of Social Sciences & Humanities, Udaipur. With a passion for academics, he further pursued his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology, specializing in Intelligence Quotient. Dr. Joshi started his career as a lecturer at the University College of Social Sciences & Humanities, Udaipur, and later became a Professor of Psychology at Mohanlal Sukhadia University in Udaipur.

Political Career:

Dr. C. P. Joshi’s foray into politics began when he was elected as the Student Union President for Mohanlal Sukhadia University in 1973. His social commitments and dedication caught the attention of Mohan Lal Sukhadia, the founder of modern Mewar, who encouraged him to actively participate in politics. In 1980, Dr. Joshi was first elected as an MLA from Nathdwara, marking the beginning of his illustrious political journey.

A Five-time MLA and One-time MP:

Throughout his political career, Dr. C. P. Joshi has been a five-time MLA from the Nathdwara constituency. Additionally, he served as a Member of Parliament from Bhilwara in the 15th Lok Sabha. Notably, he was among the first 19 members of India’s new cabinet sworn in on 22 May 2009, even though he was a first-time Lok Sabha member at the time.

Key Portfolios and Contributions:

Dr. Joshi’s contributions to the nation’s progress were further demonstrated during his tenure as a Cabinet Minister. In the Second Manmohan Singh Ministry, he played pivotal roles as the head of critical departments, including overseeing the domains of Road Transport and Infrastructure, Rural Development, and Empowerment of Panchayati Raj. Additionally, he served as a Cabinet Minister of the Government of Rajasthan from 1998 to 2003, overseeing crucial departments such as Education, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Public Health Engineering, Policy Planning, and Information Technology.

Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly:

In January 2019, Dr. C. P. Joshi was unanimously appointed as the Speaker of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, reflecting the trust and respect he commands among his peers.

Cricket Administration:

Beyond politics, Dr. C. P. Joshi has also shown his acumen in cricket administration. He has served as the President of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) on two occasions. His presence in the cricketing realm showcases his diverse interests and leadership capabilities.


Dr. C. P. Joshi’s journey from an academician to a seasoned politician and cricket administrator exemplifies his versatility and dedication to public service. His contributions to the development of Rajasthan and India, coupled with his successful stints in cricket administration, make him a multifaceted and respected figure in the political and sports arenas. As he continues to serve the nation, his accomplishments serve as an inspiration for aspiring leaders in India.

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