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Earthquake in Meghalaya: Shillong Shaken by Magnitude 3.8 Quake

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Earthquake in Meghalaya: In an unexpected turn of events, Meghalaya experienced seismic activity as reported by the National Center for Seismology. According to the Center, an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred on December 8, 2023, at 08:46:56 IST. The epicenter was located at Lat: 25.47 & Long: 91.75, approximately 18km southwest of Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, India.

National Center for Seismology Alert:

The National Center for Seismology, responsible for monitoring and reporting seismic events, issued an alert regarding the earthquake in Meghalaya. The alert provides specific details about the magnitude, occurrence time, depth, and location of the seismic activity near Shillong.

Magnitude and Details:

The earthquake measured a magnitude of 3.8 and occurred at a depth of 14 km beneath the earth’s surface. The geographical coordinates (latitude 25.47 & longitude 91.75) precisely locate the seismic event near Shillong. Understanding the magnitude and depth is crucial for assessing the potential impact on the local population and infrastructure.

Shillong’s Experience:

Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, found itself at the epicenter of this seismic episode. While a magnitude 3.8 earthquake is considered mild, residents in the affected areas may have felt the tremors. Understanding the local impact is essential for authorities to evaluate any potential damage and initiate timely response and recovery efforts.

Earthquake Preparedness in Meghalaya:

The occurrence of an earthquake in Meghalaya serves as a reminder of the importance of earthquake preparedness in the region. Whether through public awareness programs, infrastructure improvements, or community drills, preparedness initiatives are crucial for mitigating the impact of seismic events and ensuring the safety of the local population.

The National Center for Seismology’s vigilance and swift alerts are vital for ensuring public safety. The use of the term “Earthquake in Meghalaya” underscores the necessity for continuous monitoring and proactive measures to address seismic risks.

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