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ED Takes Decisive Action: Attaches Assets Worth Rs 67.23 Crore in Met Technologies Fraud Case

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The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has escalated its crackdown on financial improprieties, provisionally attaching assets worth Rs 67.23 Crore in connection to the M/s Met Technologies Pvt Ltd fake call centre fraud case. Kunal Gupta, along with family members, associated companies, and collaborators, now faces stringent action as the ED targets movable and immovable holdings tied to the alleged fraudulent activities.

Financial Irregularities Unveiled:

The provisional attachment spans a spectrum of assets, revealing the extent of financial irregularities associated with the case. A total of 35 bank accounts, 14 cars, and 12 immovable properties, cumulatively valued at Rs. 61.84 Crore, have been targeted. This decisive action comes as part of the ED’s relentless pursuit of justice in the wake of fraudulent activities.

Key Assets Under Attachment:

The diverse array of assets under provisional attachment includes the balance in 35 bank accounts, shedding light on the complex financial dealings implicated in the case. Additionally, 14 cars and 12 immovable properties, encompassing a Resort and a Villa in Goa, along with commercial offices, flats, apartments, and lands in Kolkata and Bangalore, reflect the magnitude of the alleged financial misconduct.

PMLA, 2002 in Action:

The ED’s move operates within the legal framework of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA), showcasing the government’s commitment to tackling financial crimes robustly. The attachment of assets is a crucial step in unravelling the intricate web of fraudulent activities and ensuring that those responsible face the appropriate legal consequences.

Impact on the Fraudulent Network:

With assets worth Rs 67.23 Crore provisionally attached, the ED’s actions reverberate through the network associated with the fake call centre fraud. This signals a resolute stance against financial malpractices, aiming not only to recover illicit gains but also to dismantle the infrastructure that facilitates such fraudulent activities.

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