Emcee Skills: From Pronunciation to Pedigree


Entertainment is a constantly changing landscape. What was once the pinnacle of professional success, has now become the way to belong and be accepted. The word “emcee” has come to describe a person; who uses their skill in reading and understanding words to captivate an audience at any given event. In this article, I will breakdown what emcee skills really is, how to find out more on your own; and give examples about some of the things that are necessary for good emcee

What is Emcee Skills?

Emcee Skills is a program developed by Black Rhino Media; that has been designed to help you learn how to become an emcee. The course comes with nine different modules that cover all the key areas of becoming an emcee including; auditions, social media, and promotion.

How to Improve Your Emcee Skills

One of many essential skills an emcee needs for knowing how to entertain a crowd is the ability to put their skills in full gear. They need to learn how to pronounce certain words or phrases correctly and know what voice would be appropriate for each song. To do this, they need not only the ability to understand new terms but also have the confidence and experience to implement them properly. This blog explains some ways that beginners can improve their emcee skills by learning technical terms and practicing body language before performing in front of a group.

Structure of an Emcee Skill

An emcee skill is the foundation of a battle rap’s rhyming structure. A skill is a three-line rhyme (A-B-C). The first line is called the “Stack,” which contains the “kick.” The second is called the “Stack Hook,” and contains or ends in a callback. The third, and final, line is called the “Stack Recap,” and it has to be an enunciated recap of what was previously said in order to cement it into memory.


Words are the cornerstone of the English language. They are what we use to communicate, convey information, and represent our thoughts. In order to become a professional emcee, you will need to be able to deliver your message with clarity and precision. This requires a mastery of vocabulary, pronunciation techniques, and the art of storytelling in your delivery.

Voice Characteristics

The voice is a powerful tool if used correctly. And voice is not only a speaking tool, but also an expressive one. The voice can show how you feel, how you would like to be perceived; and make you memorable in a crowd.

Basic Pronunciation

With time and practice, you can develop a professional voice that represents you. The first step to great vocal delivery is developing your pronunciation. Many people struggle with this early on. Here are some key tips to remember:

  • Vowels: Practice saying the vowels A, E, I, O, and U in front of a mirror or say them out loud while listening to yourself on recording software such as GarageBand or Audacity
  • Consonants: Practice saying R, L, M, Y by making a rasping noise in your throat or repeating the sound “rk” over and over again

Personal Branding through Emceeship

Are you tired of being overlooked for the position you deserve? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes,’ then you’ve come to the right place. Line emcees are highly sought after opportunities that require a lot of hard work, time, and dedication in order to get noticed. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.


So, are you ready to take on your next audition? Whether it’s for a speaking role or just some cool social media content, I hope you have enough of these skills and that this blog has been of some help.

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