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Famous Quotes About Doctors

Physicians are not just people that care for patients and make a living out of it; they are actually some of the most important people in all our lives. They help us, protect us, and guide us throughout our lives. They see and diagnose various illnesses, perform surgeries, prescribe medicines, and even heal others. With their medical expertise, many doctors have become famous throughout the world.

The Duties of a Physician

The duties of a physician fall into three main categories: medical diagnosis and treatment, preventive care, and education. A doctor’s first responsibility is to identify the cause of an illness or injury and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Preventive care involves making sure that a person is as healthy as possible by screening for diseases and prescribing preventive measures, such as exercise and healthy eating habits. Education is important because doctors need to be knowledgeable about new treatments and cures so they can advise their patients wisely.

The Topics of Practice for a Physician

One of the most common things patients wonder about is what a doctor does. Doctors are responsible for diagnosing, managing and treating illnesses and injuries. They can also prescribe medications and perform surgery. Some famous quotes about doctors include:
“A doctor’s first duty is to his patients. His second duty is to the medical profession.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein “Never confuse your pain with your purpose.” – Alanis Morissette
“A lot of doctors practice like that. That’s why there aren’t any good ones around anymore.” – Anonymous
“Every time you see a doctor, it’s somebody else’s fault, not yours.” – Bob Hope
“Medicine is the science of preventing the happy death.” – Aesculapius

The Duty and Function of the Surgeon

Doctors are often considered the best medical professionals in the world. Here are some famous quotes about doctors that will inspire you to seek out their help if you ever need it.

“Healing is an art, and I am only one artist.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz
“Doctors save lives and that’s why they have such a important role in our society.” – Barack Obama
“When we as doctors make a diagnosis, we are not just telling our patient what is wrong with them; we are also giving them a hopeful prognosis. We not only save lives; we improve them.” – Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Thomas Babington Macaulay’s

Quote: “A man who has nothing to do is a miserable creature.”
St. Augustine’s Quote: “The purpose of life is not to be happy but to be useful.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero’s Quote: “A good doctor should know his patient inside and out, as if he was a book.”
William Shakespeare Quote: “Never is a word too soon in such cases.”
“I can only say that I am very happy in my work. I like it, and I am beginning to know it pretty well. It’s not exactly a bed of roses, but there are no thorns either.”
Edmund Burke Quote: “One man’s weakness makes for another man’s strength.
“Ben Franklin Quote: “I never saw a puppy so eager as people are to grow up.”

Matthew Arnold’s Criticism of Physicians

“The physician is the man who, more than any other, should know that there is no immortality beyond life.” -Matthew Arnold
“Physicians,” he continues, “have hitherto been regarded as the most important class of men in the State. They are now looked upon as the most important class of men in society.”
-From “The Ethics of Medical Practice” (Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1867)

Final Note

Few people know that doctors were not always the revered professionals they are today. In fact, many of the famous quotes about doctors were originally negative, and they reflect the prejudices of their time. For example, one quote says that doctors are “the men who poison us.” Another says that doctors are “the men who kill us.” However, over time these quotes have been misinterpreted and Doctors have become widely respected for their skill and knowledge.



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