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Golconda Fort | Hyderabad tourist places | History, entry fees & Timings.

How to Visit Golconda Fort in Hyderabad

Golconda Fort is a popular tourist destination for many visitors to Hyderabad, India. It’s also the home of Golconda Diamonds, a semi-precious stone that has been valued as one of the most valuable in the world. This article provides information on how to visit Golconda Fort and includes a list of tips for planning your trip!

Why visit Golconda Fort?

Golconda Fort is a fort in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It was built by the Qutb Shahi dynasty in 1640 to protect Golconda city from invaders. The name comes from the Persian word “gul” meaning “rose garden”. It was originally called Gul-Qadam Quwwat-ul- Islam. The fort was taken over by the British East India Company in 1724 and then it became part of Nizam of Hyderabad state territory.

About Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fort is located in Hyderabad on the banks of river Musi. The fort was built in 1657 by Mir Quli Khan, who was the fourth emperor of the Deccan sultanate. It is a large quadrangular fortress with multiple gates and bastions, surrounded by a moat and contiguous curtain walls. How many gates does Golconda fort have? There are 16 gates in the Fort. The main entrance is located on the north-east .
There are 5 other entrances on the north-west, south-east and the east side. How many bastions are there in Golconda Fort?
The original entrance to the fort was constructed in 1636. The central part of the Fort was constructed by Ibrahim Khan and the northern part of the Fort was built by Afzal Khan in the later half of 17th century. How many doors are there in Golconda Fort?

There are over 50 doors in the Fort. The main entrance to the fort is known as ‘Gol conda Gate’. The main entrance to the inner city is known as ‘Golconda Fort Gate’. Other entrances are:

  • A gate towards the south
  • A gate towards the east
  • A gate towards the west
  • A gate towards the south-east
  • A door in front of the Haider Manzil
  • A door in front of the Raheja Manzil
  • A door in front of the Dharmendra Manzil
  • A door in front of the Purani Manzil
  • A door along the Bazaar Road
  • A door toward the north Golkonda fort also known as “G olconda” and “Gol Konda”, is located in the Golkonda taluq (county) of the then Hyderabad State in South India.

When is the best time to visit it?

Hyderabad is a city with a lot of contrasts. One can visit Golconda Fort in the middle of the ruins and temples and witness some great history or one can have a typical Hyderabadi lunch near Mecca Masjid. The fort is open for visitors from 8 AM to 6 PM on all days except Friday and Saturday. The Golconda Fort is spread over a huge area and one must come in the morning to see all that lies here. Telangana Narm ada Valley Corporation (NVC) provides a bus service from Hyderabad to the Fort. You can also see it on your own by hiring a cab .

What do I need to explore the fort?

The first thing you need to do is get an entry permit from the Archaeological Survey of India. You can also get a day pass from the fort for Rs. 60 (around $1). Now that you have your permit and ticket, you must be prepared for the humid weather conditions in Hyderabad. Follow these steps to prepare. You must wear a hat and a belt. This is the only way to keep your head cool in this hot weather. You have to hold onto your hat to keep it from falling off. Wear a belt so that you don’t lose your pants or shoes.

How much does it cost to enter?

Golconda Fort is one of the oldest forts in India and was converted into a museum. It costs 200 Indian Rupees, or $3 to enter Golconda Fort. How do I go there?. The nearest airport to Golconda Fort is Hyderabad, which serves the city of Hyderabad. From the Golconda Fort, there are many public transport options, including bus, train and metro services. If you’re in Hyderabad, the best bet is to take a shuttle bus from the Golconda Fort to the nearest train station, Tarnaka Railway Station.

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