Google Staff can take a ‘reset day’ once a week


A “reset day” is a one-time-a-week quota of 20% of the staff’s time. The time they spend on it is not tracked, they can use it to take care of themselves or work on something personal, or they can give it to someone else.

What is a ‘Reset Day’?

A Reset Day is a less intense day, where employees can work on a project or a piece of code they have been wanting to explore. These days are typically used to break up the monotony of working day in and day out with the same things. Google has built in a reset for their employees that allows them to take control over their own time.

How do `’Reset Days’ make staff happier and more productive?

Google is the latest employer to give their staff a ‘reset day’ every week, in an attempt to improve wellbeing and productivity. The idea of a reset day originates from Google Ventures managing partner, Bill Maris. He noticed that his employees would take a break on Fridays and weekends, but he found it difficult for them to take a break during the week due to the nature of their work – so he decided to create what he called `’Reset days’ which are regular breaks for everyone.

What are the advantages

Google staff can take a reset day once a week. Doing so will allow them to focus on their personal well-being and spend time with their loved ones. Setbacks in work performance are also avoided because of the invigorating benefits that come from this type of day off. Reset days are seen as an act for self for which there can be no apologies or regrets because it is important for employees to remember that they are still humans.

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Why not just take a regular day off work instead?

Google staff can take one day off per week, on any day of the week. This is called a ‘reset day’, and it is meant to help employees be more productive. The company’s famous 20% time is also intended to encourage the same mindset. These are all good ideas, but an even more effective way to increase productivity might be for employees to take regular days off instead of dedicated ‘reset days’.

The benefits for employers of

A “reset day” is a day where staff are encouraged to take some time away from work to focus on their physical and mental well-being. It has been shown that people who do this are more productive afterwards, less stressed, and have lower levels of anxiety. What’s more, they can be significantly more engaged with their colleagues over the following week. Employers of all sizes are beginning to introduce this into their schedule for employees – it allows everyone to feel valued and seen.


Google has a system to ensure that employees don’t burn out. In the last 15 years they have learned that when people work excessively they find it harder to be happy, they do a worse job and ultimately this can lead to burnout. To combat this, Google allows staff to take a ‘reset day’ where they can disconnect from technology and spend time with family or friends in a way that makes them feel rejuvenated!

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