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Haryanvi Dance Video Goes Viral: Two Women’s Energetic Performance Sets Social Media Abuzz

Social media often witnesses the viral phenomenon of women enthusiastically dancing to DJ beats, and this time, a video showcasing two women dancing to a Haryanvi song has taken the internet by storm. Their vibrant dance steps and expressions have captivated netizens.

Viral video of two women dancing on a popular Haryanvi song:

The viral video appears to be from a festive event, with the DJ playing music to which the two women and other girls are dancing. In the background, the catchy Haryanvi song “Tere Sandal Ne Kaat Bhagai Saari Gaal Bhabhi Ri…” can be heard playing. The energetic performance by the two women has garnered immense attention.

The video has received over 7,000 likes and has been widely shared by users on various social media platforms. In the video, both women are seen dressed in colorful salwar suits and wearing shoes. Their captivating expressions perfectly sync with the lyrics of the song. Netizens have enthusiastically shared and commented on this video, highlighting the lively dance and cheerful atmosphere.

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