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Have You Explored These Budget Friendly Weekend Destinations Near Delhi?


Living in or near Delhi and want to escape from your repetitious routine this weekend? Here are a few destinations under 200 kms from Delhi where you can chill and detox your soul on weekends. News Flash !! These are pocket friendly too !!!

All Under 200 Kms

The beauty of the fact is you can pack your stuff instantly and buckle up your shoes to take off. Just get your vehicle fuel ready and here you go. You can lift up your souls to start fresh and face the challenges for the next week by just getting away for a couple of days. It is really a blessing that the country’s capital has a lot to offer to wanderlust…. Also, if your family is longing for a long drive, just pull up your sleeves to change the gears.

Hey Travelholics !!! Be Trip Ready.

Damdama Lake – Wake Near A Lake

It is a spectacular tourist place that is within 200 kms from Delhi. Surrounded by the lush grins of Aravalli hills, it is a perfect getaway for both corporates and family. If you have enthusiasm for outdoor sports then you have landed at the right place. The sport activities at Damdama lake keeps your sporty spirit satiated. Sports like hot air ballooning, Parasailing, cycling, and trekking keeps you engaged and wanting for more. You can also try multiple types of boatings and birdwatching.

Location- Sohna, Haryana

Distance from Delhi-  65 kms approx.

Best time to visit- August to February

Average cost per person – Between 2k-3k

What you can do here – Sports, Sightseeing, Boating and Relaxing

Neemrana – Hidden Royalty

Greenery, hills, royal vibes, Neemrana has much more to offer to make your trip memorable. Though less in numbers, it has captivating attractions that will make you want to revisit. It offers the visitors the best views of the city. Have a trekking adventure at the Bala Quila and experience the view of Siliserh Lake which is ideal for nature-walks. Also, monuments like the Baori which is a historic stepwell and the remains of the Vrindavan Palace calls for a remarkable visit for a history nostalgia.

Location- Neemrana, Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi-  130 kms approx.

Best time to visit- October to April

Average cost per person – Between 2k-3k

What you can do here – Trekking, Boating, Birdwatching, Relaxing, Having Cultural Experience, Nature Walk

Mathura – Spiritual Awakening

Rejuvenate your spirit at the birthplace of Lord Krishna, who is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. You cannot leave this place without spiritual experience as Lord Krishna is absorbed in the air of this city. You will find temples and places that are related to Lord Krishna’s life. Nearby places like Vrindavan, Barsana and Brij have authentic places that tell the stories of great Krishna. Instead, find yourself the stories of the great lord in every street of this place.

Location- Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Delhi-  145 kms approx.

Best time to visit- anytime

Average cost per person – Between 2k to 5k

What you can do here – Visiting temples and other spiritual centres, Take part in Yamuna aarti, Shopping, Eat authentic food like pedhas and kachoris.

Sariska National Park – Go Wild

Established in the back of Aravalli and spread over 850 sq.km, it is situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Best place to experience wildlife adventure and it is famous for its tiger population. It is also a blessing for the birdwatchers and aspiring ornithologists. You can watch the breathtaking view of sharp eagles and vultures from the four century old fort located on the hilltop at kankwari.

Location-  Alwar, Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi-  200 kms approx

Best time to visit-  October to March

Average cost per person – Between 2k-3k

What you can do here –  Jeep Safari, Birdwatching, Fort Visit, Bonfires, Chilling

Alwar – Untold Magic

Explore the best charismatic getaway to Rajasthan and drop in at Mega Alwar Trade Fair. It is definitely not as popular as other cities of Rajasthan but it can definitely give you a glimpse of the royal experience you were longing for. You can satiate your shopping soul and visit the nearby fort. Relish on authentic Marwari cuisine, and if you want to extend and ready to run chills down your spine, do visit Bhangarh Fort for paranormal experiences.

Location-  Alwar, Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi-  170 kms approx

Best time to visit-  October to May

Average cost per person – Between 2k-5k

What you can do here – Sightseeing, Enjoying, Do visit the Alwar Trade Fair, Royal Experience, Eat Marwari Cuisines, Shopping

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