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Heavy Rainfall Hits Kerala: Multiple Regions Record Substantial Rainfall

Kerala, known for its lush landscapes, picturesque vistas, and monsoon showers, has experienced a recent bout of heavy rainfall. The downpour has significantly impacted various regions, notably registering notable measurements in areas like Kozhikode, Kurudamannil, and Vazhakkunnam.

In the wake of these heavy rains, Kozhikode bore the brunt of the downpour, receiving a substantial 9cm of rainfall. Similarly, Kurudamannil and Vazhakkunnam recorded significant amounts, with both regions receiving 8cm and 7cm of rainfall, respectively.

“These notable measurements highlight the intensity and geographical spread of the recent rainfall, signifying the need for residents and authorities to stay vigilant and informed about weather developments. The heavy rains can impact various aspects of life, including transportation, agriculture, and daily routines”.

“Keeping abreast of weather updates and advisories is crucial during such weather conditions, allowing individuals to take necessary precautions and stay safe. As the rains continue, it’s essential for the local population to remain informed, cautious, and prepared for any potential consequences or changes in the weather patterns”.

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