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How To Become An X-Ray Technician


As a x-ray technician, you will be responsible for conducting the imaging scans of patients and interpreting the resulting images. X-rays are used to diagnose a variety of medical conditions, such as cancer and broken bones. Some common duties of x-ray technicians are:

Taking x-ray images of patients, applying patches to the skin to protect against burns from the radiation, and communicating with medical staff about technical aspects of a patient’s imaging scan. As a medical laboratory technician, you will work with medical lab technicians and medical personnel to conduct tests and other procedures. You may perform the actual lab work, or you may supervise students in training or technical workers and oversee their progress. Common duties include: Collecting blood samples for testing, preparing slides for examination by lab technicians, taking measurements, speaking with doctors and nurses about test results, and maintaining accurate records of patients’ test results.

Where can you work as an x-ray technician?

There are many places where you can work as an x-ray technician. These may include hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, and doctor’s offices. You will most likely work on a shift basis and may have to work weekends or holidays. To become an x-ray technician, you need to have a two year associates degree from a vocational school that is accredited by the Department of Education. You must also pass a licensing exam and the national registry exam. There are many accredited schools from which to choose and the requirements for becoming employed vary from location to location. How to Become a Doctor

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What is the job description for an x ray tech?

X-Ray technicians use x-rays to take pictures of the body. The technician takes the x-ray image and makes sure it is readable. They also need to make sure that the patient follows all safety precautions when taking the picture. The technician is then responsible for maintaining accurate records about the images. They may also be responsible for teaching patients about precautions and instructions before taking an x ray.

What is a x ray tech’s salary?

The average x-ray tech salary is $36,000 per year. The pay starts at a minimum of $18 per hour and can go up to as much as $40 per hour depending on the employer. Most x-ray technicians work Monday through Friday, with the odd weekend shift for additional hours. Some will even work a split shift to accommodate more patients in the clinic and make more money. The best part of this job is that your schedule is completely flexible and you can pick up shifts whenever you want as long as someone else doesn’t have it first.

How to become x ray technician

One way to become an x ray technician is to go back to school and receive an associate degree in X-Ray technology. This will take two years of schooling but isn’t required. The other option is to get a technical certificate in this field. This will take one semester and can be done distance learning or at a community college. You should have a GED or high school diploma to gain admission into these programs.

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Qualifications for the job. There are no formal requirements to become an x ray technician so the only requirement would be education which can be obtained from community colleges, vo-tech schools and four year universities. The only other thing is certification by various state boards. In some states you need a license to practice x ray technology as an x ray technician in that state.

Final Note

After reading this blog, you should know that it takes a lot of work to be an X-Ray technician. The best way to get started is to take the written and hands-on tests at your local Red Cross office. Once you pass these tests, you will be able to become certified as an X-Ray technician.

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