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IMD: Moderate to heavy rain occurred at isolated places in Mumbai.

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Mumbai, the bustling metropolis on the western coast of India, experienced moderate to heavy rainfall at isolated places in a 24-hour period from 0830 IST on 18th July 2023 to 0830 IST on 19th July 2023. The city’s two weather observatories, Colaba and Santacruz, recorded significant precipitation during this time.

Rainfall Data from 0830 IST of 18.7.23 to 0830 IST of 19.07.23 (in mm):

LocationRainfall (mm)
Ram Mandir51.5


  1. Colaba: The Colaba weather observatory recorded the highest amount of rainfall at 98.4 mm, indicating heavy precipitation in this area. The substantial downpour suggests potential waterlogging and localized flooding in low-lying areas.
  2. Santacruz: Santacruz, the other weather observatory in Mumbai, recorded 52.8 mm of rainfall during the 24-hour period. Although lower than Colaba, it still signifies moderate rainfall in the region.
  3. Dahisar, Chembur, and Byculla: These areas experienced significant rainfall, with Dahisar recording 78.0 mm, Chembur with 58.5 mm, and Byculla also receiving 58.5 mm. These figures indicate substantial precipitation, which may result in temporary disruptions to transportation and localized waterlogging.
  4. Ram Mandir, Vidyavihar, CSMT, Matunga, and Sion: These locations witnessed varying amounts of rainfall, ranging from 27.5 mm to 70.5 mm. While not as high as some other areas, these figures still represent a considerable volume of rainfall and should be monitored for potential impacts.
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