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In India, how do people celebrate the Christmas holidays?

– Christmas is a special festival for Indian Christians. They spend time with their families and friends, attend special church services, eat a festive meals, and wear new dresses. Christians sing carols, participate in special spiritual services, and decorate their houses with lights, flowers, Christmas trees, and mistletoe during the holiday season. They may exhibit trivial electrical lamps.

-People all over the world look forward to Christmas because it is a special time of year. But in India, the Christmas holidays are celebrated in a very unique way.

– One of the most important aspects of the Christmas holidays in India is the decorating of homes and businesses. Brightly colored lights and decorations are put up all over the place. This is a time when people really enjoy dressing up their homes and making them look beautiful.

– Another big part of the Christmas holidays in India is the food. There are a lot of special dishes that are made only during this time of year. Families get together and enjoy feasting on these delicious meals.

– A visit from Santa Claus is essential for a complete Christmas. In India, Santa is known as Baba Christmas. He brings gifts for all the good children and brings joy to everyone during this special time of year.

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– The Christmas holidays in India are a truly special and unique experience. If you ever have a chance to visit during this time of year, you will be sure to enjoy it immensely.

– A few people put up a scene from the Bible’s book of Genesis, with a Christmas tree or clay figures. In India, Christmas trees are typically imitation pine trees or branches of local trees. Artists playing Santa can put up Christmas decorations in a few malls or stores. Evening amenities are held by churches throughout the country before Christmas day. Many churches hold special candlelight amenities at midnight. Special character Santa Claus offers gifts to children during the Christmas celebrations.

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