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Indian Government Launches Scheme To Provide Financial Support For Poor Prisoners.

Prisons have an important role in maintaining the rule of law, and the Ministry of Home Affairs provides guidance and financial support to State Governments to enhance and modernize their security infrastructure. To extend relief to poor prisoners who are unable to avail of bail or get released from prisons due to financial constraints, the government has announced a scheme called ‘Support for Poor Prisoners’. The scheme envisions providing financial support to states in order to enable poor prisoners to get out of prison. Solutions driven by technology will be implemented to guarantee that poor prisoners receive benefits. The Ministry has also been sharing important guidelines with State Governments through various advisories issued from time to time and providing financial support for enhancing and modernizing the security infrastructure in prisons.


  1. Ministry of Home Affairs, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and guidance of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, is taking steps to address the issue of undertrials in prisons.
  2. The Budget’s priority of reaching the last mile includes support for poor prisoners, and providing financial assistance to those unable to afford bail or pay fines.
  3. Technology-driven solutions will be put in place to ensure benefits reach poor prisoners, reinforcing the E-prisons platform, strengthening District Legal Services Authority, and sensitizing stakeholders.
  4. The upholding of the rule of law is an important function of prisons, and the Ministry of Home Affairs offers guidelines and financial assistance to State Governments to improve and update the security infrastructure within them.
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