Interesting Facts about Earth


One of the first things to know about Earth is that it’s actually a planet and not a star. While that is interesting in its own right, it also means we can learn a lot more about it. Take some time to explore these facts about Earth below to learn everything you never knew you wanted to know.

Interesting Facts About Earth

There are many interesting facts about Earth that people don’t know. Some of these fact are the oceans are 70% salt, Earth’s surface is 50% water and Earth is 4.6 billion years old. The most interesting fact is how incredibly small Earth is compared to other planets in our solar system.

Earth is the fifth planet from the sun. It is a rocky, terrestrial planet that is orbited by one natural satellite: the Moon. Earth’s density is 5.5 g/cm³ at its surface and 730 kg/m³ throughout. The lion’s share of life on Earth takes place within the oceans — 97% of all animal biomass lives in the ocean.

The Earth turns on its axis once every 24 hours. This is the same amount of time it takes for a year to complete one full orbit around the sun. Earth is the only planet in the solar system that has life.

Interesting Facts About Earth’s Location

Earth is the only planet that is home to humans and other life in the solar system. It has large continents, a thick atmosphere, and an abundance of water. All of these features make Earth both beautiful and unique! What makes Earth so special? It is the only planet that can support life. The planet is about 4.5 billion years old and has been around for almost as long as the sun. There used to be a much thicker atmosphere and it was made of mostly carbon dioxide with traces of oxygen.

Interesting Facts About Earth’s Weather

Some interesting facts about Earth’s weather are listed below:

  • Earth’s weather is extreme. The heat in the summer can make it feel like you are at the North Pole and in the winter, your fingers could freeze off.
  • Every single day, Earth experiences volcanoes and earthquakes. Earth also has a variety of fauna and flora. It has about 50,000 to 100,000 different species of animals on it. The Earth has a lot of different climates, ranging from deserts to icy mountains to forests.
  • There is a reason for this variation in climate – it’s because Earth is constantly rotating on its axis at more than 1000 miles per hour. That rotation causes various areas of the planet to have different patterns of precipitation and temperature.

Interesting Facts About the Solar System

The Earth is the only planet with life. The diameter of Earth is 12,742 miles. Interesting Facts about Earth: The Earth orbits the sun at a speed of 30km/s and the moon orbits the Earth at a speed of approximately 27,000 km/h. There is more water on Earth than dry land with oceans covering roughly 70% of its surface area.


Today we have learned many interesting facts about Earth. We know that Earth is the third planet from the sun and that it has a core made of iron which keeps the planet’s shape. There are also many other interesting facts about the Earth. Researchers have discovered that Earth is spinning a little bit faster. The last year has been the fastest in recorded history. It makes me wonder if there are any more interesting facts about this planet that we have yet to discover.

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