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Internet Buzz: Michael Vaughan’s Roadside Barber Shop Haircut in Mumbai Sparks Online Reactions

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Former England Cricket Team captain Michael Vaughan, presently in India for the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup coverage, recently shared a unique experience on social media. Taking a break from cricket-related activities, he posted a video of himself undergoing a makeover at a makeshift roadside barber shop in Mumbai. Vaughan humorously dubbed it a “Diwali party trim” while expressing gratitude to his “good friend Dinajayal,” who not only gave him a stylish haircut but also treated him to a relaxing head massage.

The timelapse footage captures Vaughan comfortably seated in the barber’s chair, draped in a cloth, as the skilled hands of Dinajayal work on his hair. Shortly after the trim, the cricketer indulges in a soothing head and shoulder massage, visibly enjoying the experience. Vaughan posted the delightful experience on his social media, labeling it a “Diwali party trim and head massage” that he enjoyed at the hands of Dinajayal on Ormiston Road in #Mumbai.

In a subsequent post, Vaughan continued his grooming adventures by sharing a picture of himself getting a shave from the same barber. Emphasizing his Monday routine, he humorously mentioned, “Monday is shaving day on the Orminston Road with my good friend Dinjayal… #Mumbai.” The posts quickly garnered attention and reactions from social media users, with some appreciating the simplicity and charm of getting grooming services from local establishments.

One user highlighted the joy of expressing satisfaction to the barber with a customary “ekdum chakachak ho gaya” (completely spotless) after the haircut.

Another shared a perspective on the myth of exclusive salons, saying, “Getting a professional haircut in an expensive showroom is a myth… you can get the best one right down the street.” Vonn’s post is being praised for promoting local businesses, and some users playfully commented on her grooming obsession, while others found the entire experience heartwarming and wholesome.

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