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IPO Watch: Analyzing Grey Market Premium for Top Offerings

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) market is buzzing with anticipation, and understanding the Grey Market Premium (GMP) for current and upcoming IPOs is crucial for investors looking to gauge market sentiment. Here’s a breakdown of the IPOs and their associated GMP, shedding light on the current scenario and projected values:

1. Ask Automotive IPO

  • Company: Ask Automotive
  • Price: ₹282
  • IPO GMP: ₹51-18%

Insight: The GMP for Ask Automotive’s IPO fluctuates between ₹51 to an impressive 18%, reflecting a substantial market interest.

2. Protean eGov Technologies IPO

  • Company: Protean eGov Technologies
  • Price: ₹792
  • IPO GMP: ₹81-10%

Insight: Protean eGov Technologies showcases a GMP ranging from ₹81 to a commendable 10%, indicating a favorable response in the grey market.

3. Tata Technologies IPO

  • Company: Tata Technologies
  • Price: To be announced
  • IPO GMP: ₹270

Insight: Although the IPO price is yet to be disclosed, the estimated GMP stands at ₹270, signaling a promising outlook in the grey market.

4. Gandhar Oil Refinery IPO

  • Company: Gandhar Oil Refinery
  • Price: To be announced
  • IPO GMP: ₹35

Insight: With an undisclosed price, Gandhar Oil Refinery’s IPO maintains a GMP of ₹35, denoting an initial positive inclination in the grey market.

Understanding the Grey Market Premium (GMP) is pivotal for investors to gauge the probable listing gains and the overall market sentiment regarding an IPO. While these figures offer insights into the current market dynamics, they can serve as guiding factors for prospective investors seeking to make informed decisions in the IPO market.

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