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Is WhatsApp GB or WhatsApp Delta safe?


The WhatsApp-Delta or GB WhatsApp is an online application that allows users with smartphones to purchase tickets for Delta Air Lines.

WhatsApp is the common popular go-to messaging application not only in India but globally. Although the application faces stiff competition from Signal, Telegram, Discord, and others – the Meta (formerly Facebook)-owned messaging platform has a massive user base that will still take some time to recuperate from rivals. However, despite its popularity, the application lacks many of the useful features and customizations that rival programs offer.

Therefore, many third-party software developers have come up with their transformed versions of apps that fulfill those missing features. One such modified application that you may come across is WhatsApp Delta GB v.1.0.0 by Deltalabs Studio.

What are Delta or GB app?

Right now WhatsApps GB/Delta applications are not available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for iPhone as both app stores restrict publishing and downloading the revised app. However, the Google Play app store is having recognized for a complex approach. And modified apps still appear from time to time.

Notably, you’ll still find to download some apps from Deltalabs Studio on the Play Store. The WhatsApps GB Delta, on the other cards, is available to download by third-party app market stores, and its APK bundle file for Android smartphones is easily available on many websites. Many of these websites will featured the platform with helpful ratings and great download counts.

As of now the GBWhatsApp Delta APK file is available on a third-party portal called Malvida. There we can also see some of its given innovations. These include compatibility with “all sticker apps” and automated replies. The app allows users to send video files of up to 50MB, try out new text fonts and themes stuff, and even remove forwarded tags in messages. These applications require the android phone to be running the Android 2.2 version and above.

Why you should not download the What’sApp delta application and or GB What’sApp

While these apps may seem appealing. It is important to remember that Facebook does not allow modified versions of its apps. It can even permanently forbid accounts. If Company observed the users as guilty. The company clearly told in the FAQ page, that you do not switch to the official app after being temporarily halted. Your account permanently shall be restricted or deleted from using WhatsApp.

Why don’t recommend it

Interestingly, Facebook has acknowledged WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp as “Unsupported Apps” and encouraged users to use the official app. Since the company does not support third-party modded applications, it cannot allow the protection of its files.

The first thing that I see is that there are many fake apps like What’sApp-Delta and GB, which are not trustworthy. Facebook strictly described that can be risky to use such apps. If you want to use the official version of the app, then go to Google.

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