Is Your Garden Winter Ready?


Plants can also sense atmospheric changes as we do. We have to take their care in every season as we take ours. Plants, especially green ones go vulnerable when the temperature goes extremely high or low. So, learn these simple techniques to care and protect your greeneries every winter.

In winters, dew and frost are deposited maximum on the plants which not only over moistens the stem but also sometimes make them weak.

Maintain Cleanliness

It is very important to clean the plants. In order to do that, you need to eliminate the dead or infected leaf, stem or flower. The unnecessarily infected parts may accumulate fungus or eggs of insects and that infect the infection in other parts too.

Remove The Undesired

Remember to remove the weeds growing near your plants because one they start growing, they may take nutrition from your plants leaving them unhealthy. Remove the top soil while eliminating your weeds because, if you don’t do so then weeds will keep growing back.

Shield Them

After removing the weeds, cover the soil with organic stuff like dried leaves or dung manure. Always use the dried leaves that have fallen naturally as it will decompose in no time. Mulching the top soil with organic matter will keep the layer warm in the winter and protect the roots too from the damage caused by the frost.

Bring Them In

Tender plants like caladium cannot survive extreme winters so to protect them, you can bring them inside to provide warmth. Plant according to the climatic conditions in your surroundings. For the newly grown shrubs, cover them to protect themselves from extreme frost moisture and dry air.

Seed Something New

The winter is the best time to seed new annual plants. Grow them indoors as the conditions inside are perfect for germination. Otherwise you have to wait till spring to grow plants in outdoor locations and you will have less time for their maturation.

Add Few To Relish Later

What else could be better than eating your home-grown vegetables and winter is the best time to enjoy that. Grow the winter vegetables like cabbage, capsicum, peas and green leafy vegetables. Believe it, you would love growing and caring for them.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Use clean and disinfected gardening shears or scissors in order to prevent infection in other parts of the plants.
  • Don’t throw the weeds near any plant as it will grow and absorb the nutrition from that plant.
  • Always throw them in your compost bin.
  • Don’t spread the manure too near to the stem as it may cause rotting of the same.
  • Water them regularly but don’t water too much in winters.
  • Keep checking for the birds and animals

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