Is Your Workplace A Nightmare For You?


Bitter but truth, not everyone is happy to wake up on Monday Morning otherwise Monday Motivations would not have been trending the charts. For some people it is just difficult to switch on a working mode from a relaxing weekend and for some, it is again to go back to the same environment which they dislike. 

You fall into which category?

If you are in the former category then it is okay because it is just human tendency but if you are in the latter one then it is a thing to think about.

Why Is Your Workplace Not Interested In You Anymore?

If you are a Fresher 

You have just stepped out of your college and got recruited in this organisation and hold a dream to win the world but oops!! This is a mirror world. Most of your colleagues are senior and holding more experience than you have. You might feel underrated. It’s OK. All the battles were not won in a single day. It is true that the freshers or interns are burdened with most of the work as the fresh seniors enjoy the situation they were once put into. But think otherwise, that pile of work is an opportunity to learn and build bridges. It may give you recognition and is helpful for your future. 

If you are underpaid

Well this is the story of every employee as no-one is happy with the money they are getting. Less salary and more work can definitely lower your enthusiasm but make sure you do not reduce your productivity otherwise remember that under performers are always under the radar of HRs. Talk to your boss and keep reminding them about the amount of work you do in lesser perks. Meet the expectations, try not to exceed it because more work will be loaded on you with a moderate hike. 

If it is not your dream job

Dream job is a dream for most of us. Many of us just grab the job as soon as we are offered just to escape insecurities and to become financially dependent. It is common, don’t regret it but don’t stick to it if you are incapable of doing the same for a longer time. Either develop interest in it and go with the flow or leave it to go for making your own mark. Don’t work UNWILLINGLY.

Too much office politics

Perhaps you have gossiped something about your colleague or you are not your boss’ favourite, it can lead towards politics and could make you an easy target. You can be avoided, threatened, left alone or whatever but your path would be paved with thorns for sure. What to do? Try talking to seniors or HR and make sure your problem gets attention. If possible, stay high headed or transfer to another department.

No appreciation

You are doing a lot of work, sacrificing your genuine leaves and no personal life pleasure, still no one talks about you. You are discredited for every task or every time someone else picks the desserts. Many times you might think that the undeserving candidates are climbing up the ladder of growth instantly and in that case, you should wait for your turn. Don’t worry, maybe it is not the right place and you don’t belong here. Work as long as possible, gather the experience and move on. You cannot change people but you can change your surroundings. Learn your lesson and try not to repeat any mistake in the future.

Working in the same organisation from very long

Sometimes you get bored with the routine that you have been following for the past many years and you want to change your surroundings. No Big Deal. This is common and not a subject to feel guilty about. You may not be getting challenging tasks in your work and that can make it boring. Sometimes, it is best to wait for the right time and right opportunity. You must wait for yours. Keep making efforts for the change and grab the right opportunity.

Gender issues

Of course, it exists, especially for women. Sexual harassment, overworking, trying to match the shoulder with their male counter parts, trying to escaping the raised eyebrows when you leave office on time and many more. For females, it is a bit harder to balance work and family at the same time. This cannot be rectified but with a certain amount of affirmation and excellency in your work , you can surely make your life easier. Report any harassment you face, don’t feel insecure, say NO to excessive work. Explain your priorities sooner and don’t make your personal life an excuse for underperformance. 

Not only women but people with middle genders or different sexual choices are also a topic to gossip in the workplace. OWN YOURSELF…. You are who you are.. Accept it and make others accept it. Never feel ashamed of it. Don’t let it harm your productivity.


  • Learn to say No
  • Work Smartly
  • Stay away from POLITICS
  • Avoid negative conversations
  • Participate
  • Be around but not always available
  • Learn to make the work-life balance

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