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Jitendra Singh Hails India’s Covid Vaccine Success Story.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh has praised India’s Covid vaccine success story and credited it for raising India’s esteem in the international arena. Singh acknowledged the enormous potential of India’s medical and research fraternity, which found an outlet when Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided the necessary support. The minister’s comments highlight the crucial role played by the Indian government in driving the country’s Covid vaccine development and deployment efforts.


  1. Jitendra Singh has lauded India’s Covid vaccine success story for boosting the country’s reputation globally.
  2. The success of the vaccine program has highlighted the immense potential of India’s medical and research fraternity.
  3. PM Modi’s leadership played a crucial role in providing the necessary support and resources for the vaccine program’s success.
  4. India’s vaccine success has not only benefited the country but also helped other nations in their fight against the pandemic.
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