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Kangana Ranaut’s opinion on Ranveer Singh: ‘A man who looks like a cartoon is not a hero’

In recent times, Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh seems to be grappling with a string of box office disappointments, with his last three releases—’83, Jayeshbhai Jordaar, and Circus—all failing to make an impact at the box office. Adding to his woes, his latest film, ‘Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani,’ co-starring Alia Bhatt, did not receive a warm welcome from the audience on its opening day. This unfortunate streak of failures has led to significant criticism aimed at the actor.

‘Ranveer Aurani Ki Flop Kahani’: A Struggle at the Box Office

Despite being one of Bollywood’s most celebrated stars, Ranveer Singh has been facing an uphill battle with his recent film choices. The sports drama ’83, which was highly anticipated, failed to meet expectations, leading to a lukewarm response from audiences and critics alike. Similarly, ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar,’ where Ranveer portrayed a socially responsible character, failed to strike a chord with viewers. ‘Circus,’ a film set in the circus milieu, also suffered the same fate at the box office.

Unfortunately, ‘Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani,’ which was anticipated to be a hit due to its star-studded cast, did not fare well either. The film, featuring the popular on-screen pairing of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, struggled to impress audiences on its opening day, adding to Ranveer’s string of unsuccessful outings.

Kangana Ranaut’s Take: ‘A Cartoon-Looking Man as a Hero’

In the midst of Ranveer’s struggle at the box office, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, known for her candid and sometimes controversial remarks, took a dig at the star. Kangana’s sharp comments were directed not only at Ranveer’s recent movie choices but also at his association with filmmaker Karan Johar and his style of dressing.

In her candid advice to Ranveer Singh, Kangana Ranaut said, “My honest advice to Ranveer Singh is to stop getting attracted to Karan Johar and his dressing sense. They should dress like normal human beings. Like Dharmendra ji and Vinod Khanna ji used to dress in their times.”

Kangana’s criticism didn’t stop there, as she further compared the appearances of South Indian film heroes with those of Bollywood stars. “Indian people cannot take a cartoon-looking man as a hero. Please see how South film heroes dress up and carry themselves with great dignity. Those guys look manly and dignified.”

Ranveer Singh’s Response Awaited

While Kangana’s comments have sparked a debate among fans and the industry, Ranveer Singh has not yet responded to her remarks. It remains to be seen how he will react to the criticism and whether he will address the recent failures at the box office.

In the world of Bollywood, success and failure are a part of every actor’s journey, and Ranveer Singh, known for his versatile performances, has previously delivered several blockbuster hits. As his career progresses, the talented actor may yet bounce back and prove his mettle once again on the silver screen.

As for Kangana Ranaut, her outspoken nature continues to make headlines, stirring conversations within the industry and among the audience.

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