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Know LucKNOW !! Best Places To Visit Here

Lucknow, the capital of the most politically powerful state of India, Uttar Pradesh is renowned for both its cultural and political value. When we think about this city, the first thing that strikes our mind is Mannerism followed by authentic Mughlai Cuisine and Chikankari. But truly saying, this city has beyond much to offer.

It is not only about the aforesaid things but the hospitality of the people living here keeps you coming back for more. It is famously called “The City Of Nawabs”. You can find people talking humbly to everyone here and even a common auto driver is addressed with ‘aap’.

You would often get confused if people here would address themselves as ‘Hum’. The life here is never rushing as compared to other metropolitan cities of India. So, to experience this spirituality, come here and visit the most famous places of one of the nation’s most famous cities.

Places Of Visiting Significance

Well, this city is also one of the older and cultural cities in India, holding its own heritage. Centuries old monuments like Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, Residency, Rumi Darwaza, Museum, Zoo, Chattar Manzil and many places are by default added in every visitor’s list. If your train arrives at Charbagh Railway Station, you will get the first glimpse of the great architecture as the beauty of this railway station is unparalleled.

The places mentioned above are of historic importance and very well preserved and maintained by the government. If you are a travel maniac then maybe these places would not interest you because the similar mughlai architecture can be seen in other older cities too, but yes, these places have their own interesting facts and stories behind them.

Lucknow is a boon for foodies, especially for the non vegetarian lovers. It is true that you barely would like non vegetarian food in any other city once you taste it here. Century old Tunday kebabs hold the top position the food wonders of the world. Biryanis, be it vegetarian or non vegetarian, definitely the best ones in your life. Prakash Kulfi satiates your sweeter soul. You will have people lined up in the morning in front of eateries to take Jalebi and Kachori for breakfast to their homes.This city is the only place where you will find taste in everything served on your plate.

People here are very simple and still away from lavishing lives. Citizens of Lucknow, no matter where they go beyond this city, are recognized by their way of talking, humble behaviour and generosity. Art and culture is still held very strongly in this city and you can often find people reciting shayaries. Hindi is a widely spoken language here but you will find many words of Urdu too in every person’s language. You would have often heard or read about the evenings of Lucknow. You will find a group of small people sitting and sipping tea outside the house or any food stall every evening. To make the evenings more special, this city has places like Hazratganz, Marine Drive, Hathi Park, Janeshwar Park and many more places where you can enjoy your evenings or a lovely day.

Chikankari, Mukesh, Zari, Dabka are other splendid works of embroideries in this city that has always attracted the designers and women across the world.You will find Chikankari work very cost effective here as compared to other cities. Traditionally embroided clothes are still the primary choice for every person in this city. You will find most women wearing saree here. Girls prefer dressing themselves decently even though they are wearing any western outfit.

Lucknow is not only a tourist attraction, it is an experience in itself that everyone must have. This rapidly growing city of India has a remarkable significance in history. Its original name was Laksmanpur, named after Lord Lakshman. Did you know that the tallest clock tower is situated in this city and the Charbagh Railway station looks like a chess board from the top?


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