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Best time to visit Thailand

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The old adage, that there is a right time for everything, does not apply when planning a trip to Thailand. To be honest, this is not the best time to visit Thailand as the country remains beautiful throughout the year. But still, you might want to know the best time to travel to Thailand as you need to pack accordingly and plan your trip well in advance.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to chill by the beach or party hop in Bangkok, here is a list of activities that show the best time to visit Thailand.

Best season to visit Thailand

If you are planning to do some beach excursions then the best season to visit Thailand would be during the winter months of December and January. There is little chance of rain and the sun is comfortably warm, especially on the beaches. Being a tropical country, the winters are not harsh but are actually pleasant in Thailand. Still, if you’re feeling a bit cold, you’ll want to carry a light jacket or sweater. But most people skip them in favor of beach clothes as it is cool and fresh and moisture free weather.

However, since December is considered the best time to visit Thailand, beach destinations like Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui are almost always booked for the Christmas holidays. Therefore, unless you plan ahead, it will be difficult to fly into Thailand and find accommodation at a reasonable price. Christmas also means that hotels will increase their surcharges, so it’s a good idea to go in early December. Looking forward to the great weather and great prices!

January is also exciting and may be the best time to visit Thailand as it is the time of Chinese New Year, which often falls towards the end of the month or early February. There is a festive atmosphere in the air. Even though it is not a public holiday, Chinatown in Bangkok is known for its exciting dragon parade, firecrackers and excitement.

Visiting Thailand during festival season

One of the really interesting ways to experience the culture of a country is to travel during festival festivities. Thailand is no exception. Festivals are the best time to visit Thailand. It’s an explosion of color and beautiful chaos.

While Chinese New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm, Thai New Year’s Day is celebrated in April as Songkran. It is the most famous festival of Thailand and is celebrated all over the country. A unique feature of this festival is the fragrant water that is sprinkled to wash away the sins and misfortunes of the people. So chances are you will get wet when you are out and about on the streets during this time.

Other festivals and fairs also take place in the months of February, May, June, October etc. From the Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February to the spectacular flower-adorned floats, the Fruit Day in Chantaburi celebrated in May or the Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Festival) celebrated in June or July, there is something for everyone.

One of the most beautiful festivals celebrated in Thailand would be the Lantern Festival which is held every November in Chiang Mai. Thousands of paper lanterns congregate over the Peng River and float into the night, creating a spectacular, heart-wrenching sight. This one is unacceptable. This is also the best time to visit Thailand, so hotel booking during this period is always difficult if you don’t plan ahead. Even the regular New Year at the end of December is celebrated with much fanfare. Especially in Bangkok, which tends to be the center of the party during this time, if that’s your kind of thing.

Thailand during the rain

There are some people who might think that the best time to visit Thailand would actually be during the rains. There are fewer tourists and being off-season, everything is quite reasonably priced. In April, prices drop everywhere because it is just after the peak season. It rains during this time, but it is sporadic and limited. Beach hoppers will still enjoy the time spent at the beach as the weather is pleasant, especially along the east coast. However, Bangkok is known to be extremely hot and humid during this time and is to be avoided as a destination.

In June and July, rains are more frequent, and the flow of visitors decreases even more. It rains everywhere in August, but beaches like Koh Samui are still a great option. September is the hottest month of the year and few people visit here but still most people avoid the beach during this time. However it is a great time to bargain and have a chance to explore Thailand when the crowds are less. It also occurs in October, although now the rains are more sporadic and by November, the sun has completely set, bringing tourists back to the country. If you are up for a little adventure and don’t mind getting wet, then the rainy season could possibly be the best time to visit Thailand.

However, many people do not like to get wet. So they will probably want to avoid the rainy season in Thailand from the months of May to October as monsoon in the tropics may not really be the idea of ​​a great vacation for them.

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