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Minor Earthquake Strikes Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Kullu: In the early hours of June 14, 2024, the National Center for Seismology (NCS) recorded a mild earthquake in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. The tremor, which measured 3.0 on the Richter scale, occurred at 03:39:51 IST. The NCS reported that the earthquake’s epicenter was precisely located at a latitude of 31.48 N and a longitude of 77.53 E, at a depth of 10 kilometers.

The region, known for its picturesque landscapes and as a popular tourist destination, is situated in a seismically active zone. While earthquakes of this magnitude are considered minor and typically cause minimal damage, they serve as a reminder of the underlying geological activity in the area.

Local authorities have not reported any significant damage or injuries resulting from the quake. However, residents and visitors in Kullu experienced a brief period of shaking, which was enough to awaken some and prompt precautionary measures.

The NCS continues to monitor seismic activity in the region closely. They advise residents to stay informed about earthquake preparedness and safety measures, despite the relatively low magnitude of this event. It’s a crucial reminder that even minor quakes can be precursors to larger seismic activities.

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