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Most Trending Hashtags on Twitter Today |10th March 2023.

Most Trending Hashtags on Twitter Today

Twitter has been abuzz with several viral hashtags recently. One of the most talked-about tweets is from @AnupamPKher, where he mourns the sudden loss of his best friend #SatishKaushik. In the tweet, he expresses his shock at having to write about his friend while still alive and how life will never be the same without him.

Another trending hashtag on Twitter is #Jawan, which is being used to describe a new movie or series that is generating a lot of excitement. Fans are raving about the background music, setting, and overall look, with many predicting it will be a massive blockbuster.

#BoycottBharatMatrimony is also making the rounds on Twitter, as users voice their displeasure with the company’s recent advertisement, which they claim promotes hatred towards Hindus. Many are calling for the ad to be withdrawn and for an apology from the company.

In another viral hashtag, #PMModi has raised the issue of attacks on Hindu temples in Australia. The tweet has generated a lot of interest, with many people applauding the Prime Minister for speaking out against the attacks and raising awareness of the issue.

Finally, the hashtag #manish_kashyap and #manishkashyap is trending as users show their support for Sanatani brother Manish Kashyap, who is facing an FIR. The hashtag is being used to rally support for him and to speak out against those who are trying to suppress the truth.

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