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Nitin Gadkari Paves the Way for Development in Vidarbha and Marathwada with NH 161 Expansion

In a significant move aimed at fostering development in the Vidarbha and Marathwada regions of Maharashtra, Nitin Gadkari, Member of Parliament from Washim, recently announced a monumental project to quadruple the Akola-Medshi, Medshi-Washim, and Pangre-Warangaphata sections of National Highway 161. The ambitious project, spanning 133.85 kilometers, comes with an estimated cost of Rs 3,694.51 crore and is set to transform the transportation landscape in the region.

The inauguration ceremony for this momentous endeavor witnessed the presence of several key figures, including Bhavana Gawli and other Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), Collectors, people’s representatives, and officers. This collective effort reflects the commitment to infrastructural development and the belief in the transformative power of modern roads.

Over the past nine years, Washim district has witnessed substantial progress through the construction of a network of highways, totaling an impressive 227 kilometers. These roads have ushered in a new era of growth and connectivity in the district, underlining the pivotal role that road infrastructure plays in the development of both the state and the nation as a whole.

Recognizing the significance of highways as a catalyst for progress, the four-lane National Highway 161 from Akola in Maharashtra to Sangareddy in Telangana has assumed critical importance in strengthening trade relations between the two states. This extensive highway, originating in Akola, connects various districts of Maharashtra, such as Akola, Washim, Hingoli, and Nanded, before extending into Telangana’s Degalur and Sangareddy districts.

The expansion project comprises three distinct packages, each designed to enhance connectivity and facilitate smoother transportation. The first package encompasses the 48-kilometer stretch from Akola to Medshi, with an investment of Rs 1,259 crore. This section will feature four flyovers, 10 underpasses, and 85 culverts, significantly improving traffic flow and safety.

The second package covers the 45-kilometer route from Medshi to Washim, with an allocated budget of Rs 1,394 crore. Notable features of this package include the construction of 13 bus shelters, a 6-lane Railway Overbridge (ROB), and the creation of a Washim city bypass. These additions will not only expedite travel but also enhance the overall commuting experience for the residents.

Lastly, the third package extends over 42 kilometers, connecting Pangre to Warangaphata at a cost of Rs. 1042 crore. This segment will feature the construction of a crucial main bridge over the Kayadhu river and the development of the Kalmanuri and Akhara-Balapur city bypasses. These additions are expected to improve traffic flow and safety, benefiting both local commuters and the transportation of goods.

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