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Nitin Gadkari Pays Tribute To “Laxman Shastri Joshi” On His Birth Anniversary.

On the 27th of January Nitin Gadkari pays tribute to Sanskrit Pandit Padma Vibhushan “Tarakatirtha” Laxman Shastri Joshi on his birth anniversary.

“Tarkateertha” Lakshman Shastri Joshi (27 January 1901 – 27 May 1994) was an Indian scholar of Sanskrit and Hindu Dharma, a Marathi literary critic, and a supporter of Indian independence.

He was chosen by Mahatma Gandhi to be his principal advisor in his campaign against untouchability. Joshi was a pragmatist, endorsing Nehru’s investments in higher education and heavy industry.

“Tarkateertha” Lakshman Shastri Joshi, also known as Lakshman Sastri Joshi, was a renowned Indian linguist and philosopher who made significant contributions to the field of Indology and Indian philosophy. He was an expert in the study of ancient Indian languages, literature, and culture.

Lakshman Shastri was born in 1901 to Balaji and Chandrabhaga Joshi, in the village of Pimpalner, tahsil sakri, Dhule district in the present-day state of Maharashtra. After studying to be a priest, he left home at age 14. Wai is a historic temple town on the banks of the Krishna river where he finally settled.

At the Pradnya pathshala, a renowned Vedic school, he studied Sanskrit, Hindu dharma, and Indian philosophy in Wai. He earned the degree “Tarkateertha”, or literally, “Master of logic” at the Government Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya of Calcutta later in 1923.

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He married Satyawati Mulherkar in 1927. They had two sons and two daughters. Madhukar, their elder son, had a distinguished career at IBM in research and management.

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