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Nitin Gadkari Pays Tribute to Scientist T. R. Seshadri.

Nitin Gadkari paid tribute to the renowned scientist Padma Bhushan T. R. Seshadri on the occasion of his death anniversary. Gadkari acknowledged Seshadri’s significant contributions to the field of scientific research, particularly his noteworthy work on Indian medicinal plants. Seshadri’s research in this area is remembered as remarkable and has left a lasting impact on the scientific community. The tribute serves as a reminder of the invaluable contributions made by scientists like T. R. Seshadri to the advancement of knowledge in India.

Know about T. R. Seshadri:-

Dr. Thiruvengadam Rajendram Seshadri, fondly known as T. R. Seshadri, was a distinguished Indian chemist, academic, writer, and true luminary in the world of science and education. His life’s work spanned various facets of chemistry, from groundbreaking research on medicinal plants to the establishment of research schools and departments. His dedication to education and research left an enduring legacy in India and beyond.

“Born on February 3, 1900, in the historic village of Kulithalai, Tamil Nadu, Seshadri came from a Brahmin family. His thirst for knowledge led him to Presidency College, Madras, where he pursued his graduate studies in chemistry. Despite facing financial constraints, he excelled academically and earned his BSc honors degree in 1920”.

His academic journey continued as he embarked on master’s and doctoral studies at the University of Manchester, England, under the guidance of Nobel Laureate Robert Robinson. He received his PhD in 1929, marking the beginning of a brilliant scientific career.

“Seshadri’s research at the University of Manchester primarily focused on the development of anti-malarial drugs and the synthesis of compounds. He undertook training stints in Austria and Edinburgh, honing his expertise in organic microanalysis and alkaloid research. These experiences laid the foundation for his later contributions to plant chemistry”.

Returning to India, Seshadri continued his research at the Government College of Agriculture, Coimbatore. His work on plant chemistry, especially in oxygen heterocyclics and flavonoid pigments, earned him recognition in the scientific community.

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