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On Tribal Pride Day: Know about Birsa Munda

Today the whole country is celebrating the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Birsa Munda with reverence and respect. bow to the great revolutionary Bhagwan Birsa Munda, the great son of the country. November 15 is the day of glorification of India’s tribal tradition.

Birsa Munda was not just the hero of our political freedom, but also a key figure in our social and cultural revolution. He also conducted our spiritual and cultural energy. Bhagwan Birsa Munda’s dream of a free country is being fulfilled today by the energy of the ‘five lives of freedom. This energy is felt through Tribal Pride Day when pride in the country’s tribal heritage is celebrated and through the development of tribal society.

The capability of the tribal society of India was shown to the British and foreign rulers. We are proud of the ‘Damin Sangram’ which was fought under the leadership of Tilka Manjhi in Santhal. We are proud of the ‘Larka Movement’ which was led by Budhu Bhagat. We are proud of the Sidhu Kanhu Kranti. We are proud of the ‘Tana Bhagat Movement. We are proud of the Begada Bhil movement, the Naikda movement, Saint Joria Parmeshwar, and Roop Singh Nayak.

There is also bravery in tribal society; there is symbiosis and inclusion with nature. This grand heritage can help shape India’s future. Tribal Pride Day will provide an opportunity for us to move in this direction and will serve as a medium. country’s people should bow down at the feet of Lord Birsa Munda and crores of tribal heroes and heroines with this resolution.

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