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Orange alert: Expected Heavy rainfall in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and others

The southern regions of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and Karaikal are currently bracing for imminent weather conditions that could lead to isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall. The forecast, spanning November 3rd and 4th, anticipates precipitation levels ranging from 115.6 to 204.4 millimeters in these areas.

The meteorological predictions have highlighted the likelihood of significant rainfall across these regions. As a precautionary measure, individuals residing in or near these areas are strongly advised to prioritize safety and stay informed about the changing weather patterns.

“Preparation for heavy rainfall events is crucial, particularly to safeguard against potential flooding, landslides, and associated risks. It is highly recommended for residents, commuters, and local authorities to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts, warnings, and advisories issued by the concerned meteorological departments”.

Taking necessary precautions, such as avoiding travel through waterlogged or vulnerable areas, ensuring adequate drainage systems, and adhering to safety protocols, is vital to minimize potential risks during heavy rainfall.

“With an emphasis on safety, it is prudent for everyone to stay vigilant and take appropriate measures to stay safe during adverse weather conditions. Keeping emergency contact numbers handy, securing personal belongings, and seeking shelter in case of inclement weather are some important steps to consider during such periods”.

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