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PM Anthony Albanese Encourages Australians to Make History with Vote Yes

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese delivered an inspiring message to the nation, exclaiming that Australians have the opportunity to make history. His statement came as he engaged with voters and “Yes” campaign volunteers in Dapto, New South Wales, alongside Stephen Jones MP and Alison Byrnes. The message he conveyed is not only a call to action but a reflection of the ongoing national conversation surrounding marriage equality.

A Momentous Opportunity

In the heart of Dapto, PM Anthony Albanese emphasized the historical significance of the moment. Australians have the unique chance to be a part of a pivotal moment in the nation’s history by casting their vote. The national debate on this issue has been ongoing for years, and now, the decision is in the hands of the people.

Support from Stephen Jones MP and Alison Byrnes

PM Anthony Albanese was joined by Stephen Jones MP and Alison Byrnes during this crucial campaign moment. Their presence underlines the bipartisan support for marriage equality and the significance of unity in addressing issues that matter deeply to the Australian population.

A Resounding “Vote Yes”

The Prime Minister’s message was clear and unequivocal: “Vote Yes, Australia.” This succinct call to action reflects his stance on the issue and the importance of a “Yes” vote in the marriage equality survey.

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