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PM Modi addressed the launch of various projects in Tripura.

Last updated on July 29th, 2023 at 03:54 pm

PM Modi said, “First of all, I bow down and apologize to all of you because I was late coming by almost two hours. I was in Meghalaya, where the time went a bit longer and I was told that some people have been sitting since 11-12 o’clock. I cannot express my gratitude to you for the hardships you took and stayed to give so many blessings”.

First of all, I congratulate the people of Tripura that with the efforts of all of you, you have launched a huge campaign related to cleanliness here. In the last 5 years, you have made cleanliness a mass movement. As a result of this, this time Tripura has emerged as the cleanest state in the country among small states.


With the blessings of Maa Tripura Sundari, the development journey of Tripura is getting new heights today. Many congratulations to all of you for all the schemes related to connectivity, skill development, and poor houses. Today Tripura got its first Dental College. With this, the youth of Tripura will get an opportunity to become doctors right here.

Today more than 2 lakh poor families of Tripura are entering their homes in new pucca houses. Most of these houses are owned by our mothers and sisters. And you all know that each and every house is made of lakhs of rupees.

There are many sisters in whose name property has been registered for the first time. Owners of houses worth lakhs of rupees, today I congratulate all these sisters from the land of Tripura, from the land of Agartala, my mothers, and sisters of Tripura for becoming millionaires.

Tripura is among the leading states in the country in building houses for the poor. Manik ji and his team are doing a commendable job. And we know that even if someone gives us shelter at night, we get blessings for our whole life.

Here everyone has got a solid roof over his head. That’s why all of us are getting abundant blessings from Tripura. And I came here from the airport, it took a while because you know how far the airport is on the whole way.

People were coming in large numbers to give blessings on both sides of the road. The number of people who are here, probably ten times more people had come to bless the road. I salute him too. As I said earlier, I was earlier at the Golden Jubilee meeting of the North Eastern Council in Meghalaya.

In this meeting, we discussed the roadmap for the development of North East, including Tripura, in the coming years. There I discussed Ashtalakshmi i.e. Ashta Aadhaar, eight points for the development of 8 states of North East. Tripura has a double-engine car. In such a situation, this roadmap of development is coming to the ground at a fast pace, we are making efforts to speed it up.


Before the formation of the double-engine government, Tripura and North East were discussed only twice. One, when elections were held, there used to be a discussion and the other when there was an incident of violence, then there was a discussion. Now the time has changed, today Tripura is being discussed for cleanliness and for the development of infrastructure.

The poor are getting lakhs of houses, it is being discussed. The central government is giving thousands of crores of rupees for the connectivity-related infrastructure of Tripura and the government here is making it a reality by putting it on the ground fast. Today, see how much the National Highway has expanded in Tripura.

How many new villages have been connected by roads in the last 5 years? Today, the work of connecting every village of Tripura with roads is going on at a fast pace. Tripura’s road network is going to be further strengthened by the roads whose foundation stones have been laid today. Agartala bypass will improve the traffic system in the capital, life will be easier.


Now a gateway for North East International trade is also being built through Tripura. Agartala-Akhaura railway line will open a new way of trade.

Similarly, the North East is also becoming a gateway for relations with other countries through road infrastructure like the India-Thailand-Myanmar Highway.

With the construction of an international terminal at Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport in Agartala, connectivity between the country and abroad has become easier. With this, Tripura is developing as an important logistics hub for the North East.

Today, people, especially my youth, are getting the benefit of the hard work that we have done to bring the internet to Tripura. After the formation of the double-engine government, optical fiber reached many panchayats of Tripura.


The BJP’s double-engine government is laying emphasis not only on physical and digital infrastructure but also on social infrastructure. Today, the biggest priority of the BJP government is that the treatment should be close to home, should be cheap, and should be accessible to everyone.

The Ayushman Bharat scheme is very useful in this. Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, more than 7 thousand health and wellness centers have been approved in the villages of the North East. Out of this, about 1000 centers are being set up right here in Tripura.

Thousands of patients have been screened for many serious diseases like cancer, and diabetes in these centers. Similarly, under the Ayushman Bharat-PM Jay scheme, thousands of poor people of Tripura have got the facility of free treatment up to Rs.5 lakh.


It is the BJP government that has understood the importance of Tribal Pride Day for the first time. The BJP government started celebrating the birthday of Lord Birsa Munda on November 15 as Tribal Pride Day across the country.

The contribution of the tribal community to the country’s independence is also being conveyed to the country and the world today.

Today, 10 Tribal Freedom Fighter Museums are being set up across the country. Here in Tripura also recently, the President Smt. Draupadi Murmu ji has laid the foundation stone of Maharaja Birendra Kishore Manikya Museum and Cultural Centre.

The Tripura government is also making constant efforts to promote tribal contribution and culture.

The BJP government has also got the privilege of giving Padma Samman to the personalities who have taken forward the tribal art culture of Tripura. The result of many such efforts is that the tribal community in the entire country, including Tripura, has maximum faith in the BJP.


The biggest thing is that Tripura is now on the path of peace and development. Now the double engine of development is giving results in Tripura. I have full faith in the capability of the people of Tripura.

We will speed up the pace of development, with the same belief that for the bright future of Tripura, whose foundation stones have been laid and inaugurated today, I once again wish the people of Tripura, congratulate and wish them all the best for the coming times.

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