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“PM Modi Attends Neiphiu Rio’s Oath-taking Ceremony”

On 7th March 2023, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the oath-taking ceremony of Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and his Council of Ministers. The ceremony took place in the capital city of Kohima and was attended by several prominent leaders of the state.

In his address at the ceremony, PM Modi expressed his confidence in the newly appointed team and stated that their blend of youth and experience would continue the good governance trajectory of Nagaland. He added that he is optimistic that the new government would fulfill the aspirations of the people of Nagaland and work towards the development of the state.

Nagaland has always been an important state for the Indian government, and PM Modi reiterated his government’s commitment to the development of the northeastern region of India. He stated that the government has initiated several programs to improve the lives of people in the region, including infrastructure development, healthcare, and education.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the importance of peace and stability in the region and called upon all stakeholders to work towards maintaining it. He appreciated the efforts made by the Nagaland government in bringing peace to the state and expressed his hope that the new government would continue to work towards this goal.

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Neiphiu Rio and his team were elected to power in the recent assembly elections in Nagaland, and their appointment marks the beginning of a new era for the state. The newly appointed Chief Minister expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister for his presence at the ceremony and promised to work toward the development of the state.

Overall, the ceremony marked a significant moment for the people of Nagaland and highlighted the importance of good governance and leadership in the region. The presence of the Prime Minister at the ceremony was a testament to the government’s commitment to the development of the northeastern region and its people.

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