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PM Modi Claims 2014 Election Marked India’s “New Journey of Renaissance

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the 2014 election was not just a change of power but the beginning of a new journey for India. He said that the people of India started a new journey towards the renaissance of India in 2014. The Prime Minister further added that after being in the shackles of slavery for over 800 years, India has now risen again to regain its lost glory. This statement is a reflection of the Modi government’s emphasis on building a New India, which is prosperous, and inclusive and represents the country’s rich cultural heritage.


  1. Modi highlights that there was no mere change of power in 2014 but the beginning of a new journey for India’s renaissance.
  2. He emphasized that India had suffered over 800 years of slavery, but it has now risen to regain its lost glory.
  3. Modi’s statement reflects the BJP’s commitment to Hindutva ideology and the restoration of India’s cultural and religious identity.
  4. The Prime Minister’s remark can be seen as a call to nationalism and a reminder of India’s rich historical and cultural heritage.
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