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PM Modi Pays tribute to Saint Poet Sri Kanaka Dasa and Maharshi Valmiki in Bengaluru.

Today, at Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru, the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi paid floral tributes to the statues of saint poet Sri Kanaka Dasa and Maharshi Valmiki.

Kanaka Dasa, popularly called Daasashreshta Kanakadasa, was a Haridasa saint and philosopher. He was a renowned composer of Carnatic music, poet, reformer, and musician. He is known for his keertanas and ugabhoga, as well as his compositions in the Kannada language for Carnatic music. He used simple Kannada and native metrical forms for his compositions, like other Haridasas.

The Prime Minister tweeted after paying tributes to Sri Kanaka Dasa., ” “Today, on the auspicious occasion of Kanaka Dasa Jayanti, I paid homage to Sri Kanaka Dasa in Bengaluru. We will always be grateful to him for showing us the path of Bhakti, enriching Kannada literature, and giving us a message of social unity.”

Maharshi Valmiki was also paid tribute to by the Prime Minister in a tweet.

Valmiki is celebrated as the poet who brought Sanskrit literature. The epic Ramayana, which is dated variously from the 5th century BCE to the first century BCE, is attributed to him, based on the attribution in the text itself. He is revered as the first poet, and author of Ramayana, the first epic poem.

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