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PM Modi Reflects on 75 Years of Parliamentary History in Special Session

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a stirring address during the Special Session of Parliament, marking a historic moment in India’s parliamentary history. The Special Session, which spans from September 18 to 22, 2023, serves as an opportunity to reflect on the past and embrace the future as India transitions to a newly inaugurated parliamentary building.

Honoring the Old Parliament Building

In his address, Prime Minister Modi paid tribute to the Old Parliament Building, which holds a special place in India’s history. Originally serving as the Imperial Legislative Council during British rule, the building transformed into the Parliament of India following independence. He emphasized that although the decision to construct it was made by foreign rulers, the dedication and financial contributions of Indians played a significant role in its development.

Honoring the Old Parliament Building

Prime Minister Modi celebrated the rich tradition of India’s parliamentary journey over the past 75 years. He noted that this House had cultivated conventions and traditions that witnessed contributions from all members and stood as a testament to India’s democratic progress. He expressed confidence that even as the nation moves to a new building, the Old Parliament Building will continue to inspire future generations.

India’s Renewed Confidence and Achievements

The Prime Minister acknowledged the renewed confidence and achievements emerging during the Amrit Kaal, signifying India’s growing influence on the global stage. He emphasized that India’s success in projects like Chandrayaan 3 demonstrates its prowess in modernity, science, technology, and the collective strength of its 140 crore citizens.

Success of Chandrayaan 3

Prime Minister Modi proudly mentioned the success of Chandrayaan 3, highlighting its significance in showcasing India’s capabilities in space exploration. He conveyed the nation’s compliments to the scientists responsible for this remarkable achievement.

The Global Stage: G20 and African Union

Addressing the global stage, the Prime Minister spoke of the success of the G20 and its acknowledgment as a celebration of India’s diversity. He expressed pride in India’s role as the voice of the Global South within the G20 and highlighted the significant inclusion of the African Union during India’s presidency.

Parliament’s Role in Shaping India

Prime Minister Modi underscored the role of Parliament in shaping India’s destiny, serving as a platform for leaders from different parties to contribute to the nation’s development. He applauded the inclusivity of the House, with members representing diverse sections of society.

Reflections on the Old Parliament Building

As the Prime Minister bid farewell to the Old Parliament Building, he reflected on the multitude of emotions and experiences it had witnessed over the years. He acknowledged the significance of the building’s historical moments and its place in the hearts of the Indian people.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the House’s role in building trust among citizens and shaping the nation’s future. He recalled the contributions of various leaders, both past and present, who enriched parliamentary discussions and added to the nation’s growth.

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