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PM Modi Wishes All The BJP Workers On The Foundation Day Of The BJP

On the 5th of April, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed his congratulations to all the workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on its foundation day. He expressed his gratitude to the workers for their unwavering commitment and hard work, emphasizing that the party has been able to serve the country only because of their sweat and blood. The Prime Minister praised the dedication of the workers, stating that they have nourished and strengthened the party over the years.


  1. PM Modi congratulated BJP workers on the party’s foundation day.
  2. He acknowledged the hard work and sacrifice of party workers in serving the country.
  3. PM Modi credited the success of the BJP to the dedication and effort of its workers.
  4. He expressed gratitude to party workers for their contributions to the growth of the BJP.
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