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PM Modi’s Tweet Highlights Strong Ties with ASEAN Leaders at Summit

In a significant diplomatic move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to express his pleasure at meeting leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). His tweet read, “It is always a pleasure to meet @ASEAN leaders. The ASEAN-India Summit is a testament to our shared vision and cooperation for a better future. We look forward to working together in future areas that will enhance human progress.”

The tweet from PM Modi underscores the importance of India’s relationship with ASEAN countries and the collaborative efforts to forge a brighter future for the region.

The ASEAN-India Summit is an essential forum for dialogue and cooperation between India and the ASEAN member states. It serves as a platform to discuss a wide range of issues, including economic partnerships, security concerns, and cultural exchanges.

PM Modi’s reference to the “shared vision and cooperation for a better future” reflects the mutual commitment of India and ASEAN nations to strengthen their ties and work towards common goals. It highlights the significance of regional cooperation in addressing global challenges, fostering economic growth, and maintaining peace and stability.

The tweet also alludes to the prospect of expanding cooperation into new areas that will contribute to human progress. This forward-looking approach aligns with India’s “Act East” policy, which places a strong emphasis on enhancing economic and strategic engagement with Southeast Asia.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, comprising ten member states, plays a crucial role in regional and international affairs. India’s partnership with ASEAN is based on shared values, cultural ties, and a commitment to regional development.

As the world faces various global challenges, including climate change, economic uncertainties, and security issues, the collaboration between India and ASEAN takes on even greater significance. Together, they can address these challenges effectively, fostering peace, prosperity, and progress in the region.

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