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PM Shares Highlights Of Aero India 2023.

On the 13th of February PM Modi said in a Tweet that Aero India 2023 showcased the strides India is making in defense and aerospace. It has brought together people from various countries who are showcasing their innovations.

Aero India is one of the largest air shows and aviation exhibitions in Asia and it showcases the latest advancements and innovations in the defense and aerospace industry. The event provides a platform for companies, governments, and organizations to network, explore new business opportunities, and showcase their products and services to a global audience.

The event attracts a wide range of attendees including aerospace manufacturers, defense contractors, government agencies, military personnel, and members of the public. In addition to exhibitions and demonstrations, Aero India also includes conferences and seminars, where industry experts and leaders can share their insights and knowledge about the latest developments in the field.

Aero India provides a unique opportunity for the aerospace and defense communities to come together, share their experiences and insights, and explore new ways to collaborate and advance the industry.

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