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President Draupadi Murmu greets Children on Children’s Day.

On 14th November, President Draupadi Murmu Greets children on the eve of children’s day, she said, “Happy Children’s Day to all of you and congratulations! Today is a very special day because this day is dedicated to the children of India, that is, the future of India. Today we celebrate the innocence and purity of children.

She said, “Today’s children are the children of the computer age. With the advent of technology, knowledge and updated information are now at the fingertips of children. So it is all the more imperative that we make more efforts to teach them the right values and involve them in distinct activities and discussions.”

“You are the makers of India’s future. Think about the kind of India you want to live in when you grow up. The path you walk from today will determine the direction of India in the days to come.”

“Wherever you go in your life, stay connected with the culture of India and spread its richness to the world. Respect your parents and always love your motherland. My best wishes to all of you.”

She said; “Today on ‘Children’s Day, I felt very happy to meet the children of the schools and get to know their dreams and thoughts. I am happy to see that his little eyes have big dreams for the country. I wish that our children continue on the path of duty and that their dreams come true.”

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