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President Droupadi Murmu addressed National Energy Conservation Day at Vigyan Bhavan.

On 14 December ,”President Droupadi Murmu’s address on the occasion of National Energy Conservation Day at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.”

She congratulate all the award-winning children and congratulate all the people of the nation and request them to contribute their maximum for energy conservation. I have been told that about 80000 students have participated in the national competition related to energy conservation.

President says, “There is truth in the pictures that children make, and along with rewarding the children, we should also learn from them. Ensuring conditions for the coming generations to breathe, progress, and lead a healthy life in a pollution-free environment is our topmost priority”.

“We all know that due to pollution in metropolitan cities, small children are facing problems related to clothes and breathing. Breathing in clean air is a minimum human right, protection of many human rights will be possible only by protecting the environment.”

Ladies and gentlemen, in the context of facing the challenges of climate change and global warming, energy conservation is a global priority as well as our national priority.

She said,”The lifestyle of people in Indian culture and tradition has always been in line with LiFE (Lifestyle For Environment). With India’s leading partnership, the entire world community moves forward to adopt such a lifestyle, it is India’s worldwide effort”.

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“India has already met some of its commitments for renewable energy capacity under the SDGs and the Paris Agreement ahead of schedule. Now India has set higher goals for itself. For this, I heartily appreciate the leadership of the country and all the countrymen.”

She said ,Let us all take a resolution that whatever we do, it will always be in favor of nature, never adverse. Human welfare lies in maintaining the balance of nature and progress.

“In the efforts of environmental protection, I consider all the countrymen as environmental fighters, and I wish everyone success.”

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