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President On The Wisdom Of Tripurari Pal: The Elephant’s Lesson In Humility And Power

On the 7th of April, The President made a statement quoting the ancient Sanskrit poet Tripurari Pal. According to the poet, one should not take pride in their intelligence simply by taming an elephant, as the calm and docile nature of the animal is what allows it to accept bondage. If the elephant were to lose its modesty in a fit of anger, it could destroy everything around it. This message encourages individuals to remain humble and mindful of their actions, even if they possess great power or intelligence.


  1. Humility is an important virtue that should be practiced by all individuals.
  2. Taming an elephant is not a demonstration of intelligence but rather the calm and docile nature of the animal.
  3. Pride and anger can lead to destructive behavior and ruin relationships.
  4. It is important to remain modest and respectful toward others.
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