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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Enlightening Visit to Gujarat Science City

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi embarked on an engaging exploration of the Gujarat Science City located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His visit provided a glimpse into the innovative marvels and scientific advancements that the institution has to offer.

The Prime Minister’s tour commenced with a visit to the Robotics Gallery, where the immense potential of robotics was brilliantly showcased. This gallery featured an array of cutting-edge robots, including those developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), microbots, agriculture robots, medical robots, and even space robots. These captivating exhibits vividly demonstrated the transformative power of robotics in various fields, including healthcare, manufacturing, and everyday life. A unique highlight was experiencing the hospitality of robots while enjoying a cup of tea at the gallery’s cafe.

“Moving forward, Prime Minister Modi explored the Nature Park, a serene and breathtaking space within the bustling Gujarat Science City. The park serves as an educational platform for nature enthusiasts and botanists, promoting biodiversity and imparting valuable lessons on environmental conservation and sustainability. Visitors can meander through meticulous walking trails and explore attractions like the Cactus Garden, Block Plantation, Oxygen Park, and more”.

The Aquatic Gallery at Science City was the next stop on the Prime Minister’s journey. This gallery celebrated aquatic biodiversity and marine marvels, shedding light on the delicate yet dynamic balance of aquatic ecosystems. Beyond being an educative experience, it served as a compelling call for conservation and deep respect for the world beneath the waves.

“The visit concluded with a walk through the Shark Tunnel, an exhilarating experience showcasing a diverse array of shark species. As visitors pass through this tunnel, they are treated to a captivating display of marine life’s diversity”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Gujarat Science City underscored the importance of science and technology in shaping the future. It also highlighted the institution’s commitment to inspiring curiosity, promoting sustainability, and fostering an appreciation for the wonders of our natural world.

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