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Rainfall Surprise: Puzhal Soaks Up 8cm, Others Drenched with 7cm!

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has reported an unusual and significant amount of rainfall in various parts of Tamil Nadu from September 29th to September 30th, 2023. This sudden change in weather patterns has caught the attention of meteorologists and the public alike.

Certainly, here’s a table summarizing the rainfall data for Puzhal, Chinnakalar, Alandhur, Kozhiporvilai, and Valaparai:

LocationRainfall (cm)
Puzhal8 cm
Chinnakalar7 cm
Alandhur7 cm
Kozhiporvilai7 cm
Valaparai7 cm

Puzhal, a suburb located in the northern part of Chennai, recorded an impressive 8 centimeters of rainfall during this period. This substantial downpour has not only brought relief to the residents but has also led to a noticeable increase in water levels in Puzhal Lake, an essential water source for Chennai and its adjoining areas.

Several other regions in Tamil Nadu also experienced substantial rainfall during this time frame. Chinnakalar, Alandhur, Kozhiporvilai, and Valaparai all received 7 centimeters of rain each. While these numbers may not seem exceptionally high, they are significant for a region that often faces water scarcity issues.

The IMD has attributed this unexpected rainfall to a combination of meteorological factors, including a low-pressure system over the Bay of Bengal and the influence of the northeast monsoon. Such weather events are not uncommon in Tamil Nadu during the transition from the southwest monsoon to the northeast monsoon, but the intensity and distribution of rainfall during this period have been noteworthy.

The sudden onset of heavy rain in these areas has raised concerns about potential flooding, landslides, and waterlogging. The Tamil Nadu State Disaster Management Authority (TNSDMA) has issued advisories and warnings to residents in vulnerable areas, urging them to take precautions and stay safe during this unusual weather spell.

As the situation continues to evolve, it is crucial for residents in the affected regions to stay informed about the latest weather updates and follow the instructions and guidelines provided by local authorities. It is advisable to avoid venturing out during heavy rainfall, especially in areas prone to flooding, and to take necessary measures to protect property and belongings.

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