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Ramen Dish Wonder Recipe

Everyone loves a good ramen dish and if you’ve memorized someone’s favorite—but too much to take the time out to make it for yourself —you can still easily recreate the flavors with this recipe!

What Does a Ramen Dish Wonder Recipe Look Like?

It is made from a long hard wheat noodle, thin strips of pork belly and shoyu soy sauce. In addition, it includes fresh ginger, green onion, black pepper, ground black pepper as well as a shot each of sake sake to give flavor.

Homemade Ramen vs. Instant Noodles

Ramen noodles are a quick and filling dinner that you can enjoy at home with friends or family. Home made ramen takes a few minutes from start to finish, but those instant noodles start taking a toll on your stomach after 2-3 minutes.


This is a perfect dish for people who love ramen or love to experiment with different types of noodle dishes. It has three simple yet iconic flavors, chicken, garlic, and ginger, which can go well with anything. The flavor packs are great too because they give the dish extra nutrients that are needed by most vegans. And lastly, it’s an easy recipe that even novices can do without hassle!



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