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RRR Star Jr NTR Possible Contender for Oscars?


The movie ‘RRR’ starring actors Jr. NTR and Ram Charan, has become one of the biggest hits of the year. The movie has won the love and support of millions of cinegoers and has become one of the most popular movies of the year.

  • One of the biggest hits of the year is RRR.
  • Jr NTR and Ram Charan starred in lead roles.
  • SS Rajamouli Directed the movie.

The most successful movie of the year so far has been ‘RRR’, and some may argue that it is not as successful as another huge blockbuster, ‘KGF-2’ in terms of numbers. However, the point made is more so about the kind of acceptance the film has had among the non-Indian audience.and Samantha, was a huge box office success

The film, starring Jr. N.T.R. and Samantha, two South superstars, was a huge box office success. Ramcharan’s movie, “Robot,” swept the Indian market on the day it was released. The film, directed by SS Rajamouli, has captured the hearts of millions of Indians. What separates this movie from other big movies is that it was able to take in the white audiences, especially from the U.S.A., many of which were being introduced to Indian cinema for the first time, and their reactions have been something. The American audience was blown away by ‘RRR’ and it showed the kind of cinema India as a country can make. The movie has been added to Variety Magazine’s possible Oscar prediction list of “All Contenders Listed (Unranked-Alphabetical)’ in the “Best Picture” category, which is one example of its popularity. In the “Best Actor category,” the magazine has also placed actor Jr. NTR on the same list (Unranked-Alphabetical).

Social media was full of joy and happiness from the movie’s fans at this news.

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