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Samantha thanks people for trending the trailer of her movie Yashoda

Samantha is grateful to everyone who helped trend her new movie’s trailer on social media. She tweets about it on her official account, and the response is amazing. People are really taking to the trailer, and it looked like the movie is going to be a hit after released the movie’s trailer.

Samantha tweets her social media on the responce of her upcoming movie yashoda’s trailer that just like Yashoda’s indomitable will, the response for #YashodaTrailer seemed invincible. Samantha is excited to see how the movie will do, and she thanked everyone for their support.

People are tweeting and sharing the trailer all over social media, and she is getting so many new followers.

The story of the movie Yashoda is about a surrogate mother who is advised by a gynecologist to stay mentally and physically fit. She had to stay on edge and risk everything because of some circumstances. She tries to uncover the faces behind the medical crime going on in her back, and puts an end to the story by fighting off the doers.

Here is the Trailer of Yashoda movie:

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