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Colombian Singer Shakira Criticizes Barbie Movie, Calls it “Emasculating”

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Colombian singer Shakira recently shared her thoughts on the Barbie movie, expressing her disappointment with how it portrayed gender roles. According to Shakira, both she and her sons found the movie to be “emasculating,” suggesting that it undermined men’s sense of power and masculinity.

In her statement, Shakira emphasized the need for pop culture to empower women without diminishing men’s roles in society. She believes that women can achieve greatness without sacrificing their femininity and that men should still feel empowered to fulfill their traditional roles of protection and provision.

Shakira highlighted the importance of recognizing the complementary nature of men and women in society. She believes that both genders have distinct purposes and that their unique contributions should be valued and respected.

Overall, Shakira’s comments shed light on the ongoing conversation about gender representation in media and the importance of promoting equality and empowerment for both men and women.

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